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This Angelic channeled message may be openly shared with others, providing that the source is honoured and acknowledged according to both copyright and spiritual law.

It is based on the foundation that we are all One, we are all interconnected with each other, Nature and our beloved planet. The greatest gift we can share is that of heartfelt love and gratitude for All That Is, to acknowledge the Universal Divine Energy/God which surrounds us all and exists within each one of us. 

To help raise the vibrational energy of the planet and to increase the interconnectedness between all life is possible by thinking from our hearts. Incorporating the higher energies of hope, peace, unconditional love, unity, compassion, grace, respect and gratitude into our thoughts helps keep us and the planet in a happier place of being. So it is really from this heartspace perspective that this channeling from the Angelic realm took form.


Wings of love ...

are but thoughts from the heart,

Internal blessings ...

from the gentle soul which lies within,

Numinous gifts of love ...

reaching out beyond the Self,

Graciously, freely given ...

bringing upliftment to the world,

Sharing, caring, eternal ...

Wings of Love.

So be it!

Joachim, Angelic Messenger

channeling by Karelena

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